The Journey

how we got to where we are today

the beginning

objects was founded in 1995 offering software development services to clients worldwide
the first Blogs start appearing on the web


services expanded to also offer guidance and mentoring to junior developers at many of our clients

this proved to be incredibly popular and was expanded to also offer mentoring to students studying software (in particular Java) development

facebook launched


with the growth of the web and it’s importance to business we spent 2009 talking to the business community and researching the core features that were required by business to create a productive and valuable web presence

with this information Obiweb was founded with the vision of making the full power of the web easily available to the broader business community

learn java

in response to demand from students for our Java mentoring and guidance we partner with to provide learning resources and guidance to Java students

our existing mentor program is suspended to focus on this activity

the first iPhone is released

social media

the mobile web becomes part of our daily lives and it was apparent that the type of services we were providing to businesses with Obiweb, was also applicable to individuals

social media was also becoming a vital part of a businesses online strategy, being active and engaging was now crucial for online success.


we have taken what we have learnt from decades of Java software development to produce a ‘starter’ application to kickstart your next java spring project

it comes with lots of the standard features that are common place in todays web applications saving you the time and money needed to implement them yourselves


social media aggregation platform that pulls content from multiple social media channels and aggregates them into a single feed.

direct integration with wordpress offers maximum flexibility for presenting the feed.

for business

Obiweb was formed with the vision of making the full power of the web easily available to the broader business community.

The web is becoming an ever increasing part of our daily lives.

Obiweb enables businesses to take advantage of this increase with a web presence that will expand their customer base and increase profits.

I would love to sing more praises for Obiweb! I have received several compliments on my website since changing providers and Obiweb has gone above and beyond anything we have expected! What’s more, I receive some wonderful professional advice, ideas and general things I hadn’t thought of regarding my business and overall marketing it all which has really helped to move forward in ways I hadn’t imagined. These things usually take some time but everything was done quicker than the service I’d received with previous providers. Thank you for truly keeping up to your promise of giving me one less thing to worry about regarding my business and helping it to evolve!

Michelle Fiddian
Little Aid

Obiweb have been providing web page construction/support, internet support and technical IT support to our company since 2009. The service is efficient, fast and very focussed on acheiving the results required for our businesses to interface with the internet. Obiweb has also worked flexibly with a number of our other service and content providers to create a seamless solution for our business needs. I have always found Obiweb’s technical knowledge and implementation advice to be accurate and reliable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Obiweb to other small businesses like ours who require general and tailored solutions for their IT and Internet requirements.

Ward Horsnell
23 Degrees


the freedom to work from anywhere and easily share information with others. Experience what the cloud can do for you today

learn java

we are excited to continue mentoring Java students through the site


and yes we do still provide software development services. Specialising in Spring and Java, we are available to build your next web application server

Stay tuned for more details

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Mick Barry

Objects Founder

When Mick started in the IT industry there was no World Wide Web, computers weren’t ‘Personal’ and the iPhone belonged in a science fiction movie.

During the dot-com boom Mick was involved with a number of startup companies developing web application services primarily in Java.

More recent times he has helped business more effectively utilise the web, and in particular take full advantage of the cloud.